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Legal Unlimited Marketing with DOTO

   We provide the full set of legal services for businesses, from initial investment support, employment and migration advice up to dispute resolution, as well as comprehensive support of financial and corporate transactions involving foreign components.

   We can help you to build an effective legal department that:

   1. Is aligned with your company's strategic goals;
   2. Ensures a high level of satisfaction on the part of the overall business;
   3. Has the optimum capacity to provide legal support to the business, as well as effectively manage legal risks.

   As part of our assessment of your legal function's performance, we can:
    ✔ Analyse and evaluate the legal department's structure, processes and functions;

    ✔ Map business needs in legal support and assess lawyers' performance in terms of their interaction with other units;

    ✔ Identify ineffective and duplicated legal processes;

    ✔ Develop recommendations on streamlining the legal function's structure, as well as improving legal processes and interaction between lawyers and internal clients.

    ✔ Developing standard corporate forms and positions on complex legal issues, along with internal rules and regulations;

    ✔ Providing support to your company's GR initiatives, including coming up with concepts for legislative changes, amendments and concept bills, as well as commentaries on bills;

    ✔ Assisting in the systematisation of legal know-how and building a legal knowledge pool.

    ✔ One of the main approaches to assessing the performance of a legal department is to benchmark it against its peers and other market players. At present, there are few sources of information about the operations of legal departments on the market, while the data that is available can often be quite fragmented.

   Quality control inspections by skilled and highly trained inspectors is a crucial part of ensuring your products reach the specifications of your benchmark and your customer expectations. TIC's Quality inspection services help you achieve stronger Quality control in your manufacturing, resulting in reducing customer returns and ensuring customer satisfaction with your product.

   Our experienced team of inspectors have a wealth of experience in manufacturing and production procedures, with extensive specialist training in following inspection;
  • Inspection Service
  • Audit Service
  • Sample Test
   Our inspectors' expertise in different range of inspection enables them to quickly and accurately identify defects in the workmanship and measurement of a product to our customers' requirements.

Pre Shipment Inspection

   We ensure that equipment ordered conforms to specifications - with our pre-shipment inspection (TIC) services.

   In today's industry, success means the ability to offer the right products at the right time for a competitive price. To meet market demand, industrial manufacturers select their materials and suppliers from all over the world. With increasing globalization, the risk of products and materials not being delivered on time and/or lacking in the quality agreed upon also grows. Clients in different parts of the world have the common need for a guarantee that ordered components, materials and equipment align with given specifications.

   TIC can help you with a pre-shipment inspection in order to ensure that equipment, components and documentation conform to contractual requirements.

   Our extensive experience gained in global supply chain projects makes us your preferred partner. You can benefit from our know-how and tailored solutions for your business.

  • Upon the completion of Pre Shipment Inspection, a detailed Report will be sent to the client.
  • Appearance: Size, color, shape, processing, etc
  • Function: Subject to the item inspected
  • Safety: Rough or sharp edge, creep age, approvals (CE, GS, etc) etc.
  • Transport: Drop test
  • Packing: Inner & outer, carton marks, etc.
  • Container Loading Inspection

   For some product categories and industries, quality control activities cannot end at the factory. Container Loading Inspections is a service that centers around closely supervising the loading of merchandise or industrial goods into shipping containers. The loading of containers generally takes place at the factory where the goods were produced, prior to the container being sealed and delivered to the port for export.

   TIC ensures that each item in your shipment is handled with care throughout loading and the entire transport process.
  • Our auditors will inspect containers prior to loading to ensure that each one is clean, structurally sound, and weatherproof.
  • TIC staff overlooks all handling in person to ensure that goods are safe, secure, and that the containers are sealed in accordance with C-TPAT and Euro regulations.
  • Have eyes and ears on your products continually until they leave ASIA.
  • Be notified of any pressing quality issues immediately, allowing you the opportunity to delay shipment at any time before your shipment departs ASIA.
  • Thorough reports with photos are provided, typically within 6 hours after the service for your review.

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   Great Service, I highly Recommend Legal Unlimited Marketing with DOTO! Within 4 months time my profits in the company increased by 30%. Now I also have a big email list which is my biggest asset as I can promote my business!

Sahra Stevens. BRS Investments
   I used LUM Trade to do my website, it was completed within 3 weeks time. I am very happy with the service, fast and very reliable company.

Joanna Chen . Mango Hostel
   We are very grateful to doto! very individual and sensitive approach to clients plus professionalism and high technology! We have made an individual project of the entire advertising campaign of the sports club and now our Chinese audience already has more than 2500 customers! this is an incredible success!

Clara Perry - Seabay Logistic Co LTD
   I was advised to contact DOTO by my business partners. I want to say that there are real professionals working there! They know the market, correctly form forecasts and give real recommendations for the promotion of Your business!

Jack Stanford

   With the container loading inspection, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with what you paid for. Goods will be delivered to you in your desired manner.

   Search for suppliers marketing service support such as video solutions to international businesses through television and digital advertising Our broad capabilities support you at every step of the campaign process. From audience research, through creative stages, to results and optimization, you can be confident your campaign is calibrated to achieve the greatest impact.

   We've partnered with more than 30 data providers to create a comprehensive view of the marketplace, with insights like geographic area, gender, age, income level, and propensity to buy. This level of detail helps pinpoint your audience, which can improve campaign results and minimize ad waste.

   After we've studied the data to identify audiences, our ad solutions follow viewers from TV programming across digital platforms including mobile, desktop, and tablet. By targeting audiences instead of screens, you can achieve more effective and efficient reach and engagement.

   We deliver your ads only in high-quality, brand-safe content. Viewers see our cable and digital advertising whenever and wherever they're enjoying their favorite content, across our networks and beyond.

   Our dedicated creative team can help you craft tailored messaging and create on-brand video content. This customizable solution is available for budgets and businesses of all sizes, from local shops to national corporations.

   Our proof-of-performance reporting verifies our impact on your biggest priorities throughout the purchase funnel, from awareness to affinity to your sales metrics. Take a look at your results to see the Comcast Spotlight difference.

   We partner with cable companies and television providers to make it easy to buy the ad solutions you need, whether you're planning to run a local commercial or launch a nationwide campaign. With a cross-platform inventory covering multiple cable providers, we enable you to buy across 67 digital markets in one clear process. When you partner with Spotlight, you can achieve a broad and targeted reach via multiple platforms including cable TV, satellite, telco, online, and VOD.

   Market analysis of suppliers and products

   Depending on the purpose and the objectives of the market analysis in China, the scope of the study varies significantly and directly determines the research methods that are adopted. Therefore, we work in close contact with your staff to identify your objectives and the methodology which will best suit your goal. Included below are some of the most common research methods:
  • Market survey: We offer market studies which cover all of China thanks to our network of contacts at the country's best universities. For you, it is a guarantee of relevant, complete, and reliable fieldwork involving a sample of respondents that our competitors cannot reach. Analysis team provides consistent data mining to identify all the trends and key drivers of growth in your market

  • Focus groups: We have strong experience with qualitative research in China. Our staff has a solid and proven process to set up focus groups which lead to valuable insights and innovative ideas for your business in China. Our team of analysts provides consistent findings from these focus groups, to provide you with clear and actionable recommendations

  • Desk research: Our team also regularly collects information from libraries, bookshops, the Internet, university resource databases, and its network to keep you updated on all the sensitive information about your market's activity in China Market analysis in China is the first step toward the writing of your business plan. Our team will help you to fully develop a plan of activities that is right not only for your market but also localized for China's specificities.
   When it comes to Marketing, for instance, performing a market segment analysis is crucial for focusing your marketing efforts on the most likely groups of likely customers and clients.

   This consists of four steps:

   Demographics: Using demographic parameters is an effective way to segment your target markets. This information includes age, gender, race, location, educational background and more
   Psychographics: Psychographics analyze your customers' values, personality traits, interests, attitudes, and opinions. This information helps you build a clearer image for each of your groups
   Research: In addition to getting direct feedback from those in your target markets, Our expert research into specific markets is crucial for succeeding within China
   Strategy: Once we've segmented your target markets and have a clear idea of what differentiates them, we will then use this information to develop your marketing strategy
   A market analysis is smart for those who are thinking of entering China. The objectives of the market analysis section of a business plan are to show to investors that you know your market and that it's large enough to build a sustainable business.

   We have multiple ways of delivering a market analysis in China, including:
  • Analysis of consumer trends and delivery of consumer insights
  • Analysis of existing markets with the existing rules and regulations
  • Analysis of primary volumes, figures, and directions of the market
  • Analysis of competitors, screening of them according to results, and marketing (qualitative and quantitative screening)
  • Analysis of the duplicable market strategies
  • Benchmark of companies' metrics and go-to-market strategies
  • legal support and support of foreign trade transactions


   DOTO INTERNATIONAL TRADE LTD is an agent service company providing the quality check and completeness of the goods, search for suppliers, marketing service support such as video solutions to international businesses through television and digital advertising, market analysis of suppliers and products, legal support and support of foreign trade transactions.


   We aim to be your partner of choice by creating the best customer experience possible. To support this goal, our work is guided by the following three principles.

We Know You - And We Listen

   Count on us to be a creative and strategic partner dedicated to delivering your ideal ad solutions. We tailor our collaborative technique to each advertising partner so we can connect your brand to the right audience, in the right way.

We Know Your Audience

   We foster meaningful connections with your potential partners through broad- and targeted-reach solutions. This approach is bolstered by advanced insights that help you identify and speak to the right audiences.

We Know the Business

   Use our marketplace expertise to upgrade your strategy. We understand how to reach the right partners with innovative marketing methods, and we put this to work for you.



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